2019 Build Season Week 6 Recap

As the 2019 Build Season has come to an end the Mech Cadets are looking good and excited for the upcoming season and matches! This week our build team continued putting the finishing touches on our robot and put in some great hours to work on our lift and grab. Our business team redesigned the bulletin board within our science hallway with new pictures from this year and with Deep Space designs. They also finalized the designs for our team gear and buttons for the year. Electrical finished wired the solenoids which completed our wiring for the robot. Programming continued their hard work on configuring the code.

2019 Build Season Week 4 and 5 Recap

The Mech Cadet’s Weeks 4 + 5 were busy and very productive! Our build team has been working closely with electrical in order to get our lifting systems done; they created the landing system by stringing up the pulleys and worked on balancing out the robot so that it can raise forward onto the platform. Additionally, they worked on the tactile system that will hold the discs and the balls. Our business team finalized  our designs for our team pins and continued our decisions and orders for this years team shirts, polos, and fleeces. Our programmers finished the basic testing framework for the robot, as well as programmed CNC for a controller. The drive team narrowed its selections for possible drivers for this season. Electrical wired up the robot.

2019 Build Season Week 2 and 3 Recap

During this busy week of exams, the Mech Cadets got to work. Our build team started building structures for lift and climb mechanisms on our robot. They also assembled a game piece rocket for future practice and testing. Electrical continued to construct the electrical system for the robot. They also wired the talons and began setting up the pneumatics system, including the compressor, air tanks, solenoids, and pistons. Programming started and finished programming our robot! Testing with our robot will happen soon. Our business team began the official designs for our pins and updated our Mech Cadets bulletin board in our science department. Check out our Week Two and Three Recap video on our Youtube for more footage of our work from these weeks! 2019 Week 2 + 3 Recap

2019 Build Season Week 1 Recap

During our first build week, programming tested the pixy cam and conducted initial testing for computer vision, as well as tested the code for pneumatics. Electrical set up the new PDP with victors and wired the battery. Additionally they harvested talons from the previous robots. Drive team had new and old members attempt driving our robot from last year in order to evaluate possible drivers for this year. The business team finalized the design for our team shirt, and began sketching possible designs for our pins for this year. Mechanical assembled chassis, drive train, and six wheel tank drive train. Check out our Week One Recap video on our YouTube for more footage of our work from this week! 2019 Week One Recap



Today, Saturday January 5th, the team gathered bright and early in excitement for the announcement of the 2019 Deep Space game reveal. The team initially chatted while viewing the pre-reveal speeches. Then as time narrowed down, the team enthusiastically examined the release of the Deep Space game description video. Afterwards, the team gathered and discussed possible methods, ideas, and designs for this years robot. We then broke up into our subcategories and worked on robot design, updating the website, and designing our shirts for the rest of the meeting. 2.jpeg

2017-2018 ROBOT REVEAL

2017-2018 Build Season Week Three Recap:

The Electrical team finished the bread board. The build team constructed the practice climb bar and continued to build the robot. We also were able to practice our first climb. Public Relations wrote the script and filmed the Chairmans award video. Logistics finalized hotels, restaurants, and itineraries for both the Alexandria and Edgewater competitions.


2017-2018 Build Season Week Two Recap:

Mechanics began constructing the chassis. CAD began designing parts of the robot such as the design for the arm mechanism as well as other parts of the robot. Electrical began to design and wire the bread board. We also began to design game pieces. Scouting met and discussed potential drafts for the scouting sheet.

2017-2018 Build Season Week One Recap:

We watched the release of the new game, First Power Up. After that we spent the day brainstorming ideas for the new build of the robot. Programing then uploaded the Phoenix framework onto the roboRIO and updated the old code with the new methods.

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