2017-2018 ROBOT REVEAL

2017-2018 Build Season Week Three Recap:

The Electrical team finished the bread board. The build team constructed the practice climb bar and continued to build the robot. We also were able to practice our first climb. Public Relations wrote the script and filmed the Chairmans award video. Logistics finalized hotels, restaurants, and itineraries for both the Alexandria and Edgewater competitions.


2017-2018 Build Season Week Two Recap:

Mechanics began constructing the chassis. CAD began designing parts of the robot such as the design for the arm mechanism as well as other parts of the robot. Electrical began to design and wire the bread board. We also began to design game pieces. Scouting met and discussed potential drafts for the scouting sheet.

2017-2018 Build Season Week One Recap:

We watched the release of the new game, First Power Up. After that we spent the day brainstorming ideas for the new build of the robot. Programing then uploaded the Phoenix framework onto the roboRIO and updated the old code with the new methods.


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